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The proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt supports the worldwide movement of peace and love through the practice of the "ANCIENT SCIENCE OF 'KRIYA YOGA"


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The proceeds from the sale of each T-shirt supports the worldwide movement of peace and love through the practice of the "ANCIENT SCIENCE OF 'KRIYA YOGA"


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“All conflicts vanish in Self-realization.
Before enlightenment it is helpful to reduce conflicts as much as possible. The basic conflict is that one continues to demand an identity whereas One's True nature is without one.
Renounce the basic conflict and stop attaching things to your essential nature and Self-realization will be rapid !”
~ Paramhamsa Yogivah Giri

The science of Kriya- yoga was given to Manu and through him to Janaka and other Royal Sages . The Original Kriya-Yoga was well known in India in the Ancient Era of Truth (Sat Yuga). The Primordial (Original) Technique of Kriya-Pramayama can never be altered or modified.

Mahavatar Babaji the Guru of Lahiri Mahasaya, revived the ancient Kriya Yoga teachings and techniques and has made Kriya Yoga available for everyone throughout the world by Kriya Yoga initiation.

Paramhansa Yogivah Giriji says:
"True Kriya Yoga Knowledge removes divisions from the mind and restores awareness to wholeness "Oneness". This is why you will not find the Self and God realized arguing with, being critical of or dwelling on the faults of anyone. The Self and God realized are always loving, courageous, accepting, kind, sweet and compassionate of every living being and creature."

At the tender age of sixteen, Yogivah Giri Ji made the conscious decision to surrender himself, totally to God and Guru, to realize God, or die trying. His parents were understandably very much
against it, so he ran away from home. At that young age he left the comforts and security of his home and went to the Himalayas in his quest for God realization. There he lived on the banks of
the Ganges with enlightened yogis, who taught him Raja-Kriya Yoga. Under their supervision he practiced what was taught to him for seven years.

Yogivah Giri Ji is a Kriya Yoga master at the enlightened state of Siddha-bhakti Samadhi. This is the final enlightened state of Bhakti Yoga where the heart of the devotee is completely pure,
removed from all vasanas, and he is continuously in the state of God consciousness.
He now personally gives Kriya diksha to sincere truth seekers with the blessings of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Shri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda.

His pure, sincere love, and compassion has won many hearts. Many people from all around the world are now his devout followers.
He says,
“If my life is spent in loving and serving people, I will keep on doing so till my last breath. He is regularly helping and solving problems of all who approach him even during his most difficult time.
It is our privilege and blessing to support his divine mission And serve to spread his teachings to the far corners of the world. Please join us to support the spiritual knowledge he is sharing with us.

Yogivah Giri Ji can be contacted by mail at
One may request to be added to his groups where he writes, guides and inspires people on spirituality.

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