Cult Classics: The White T-shirt

Cult Classics: The White T-shirt

At Represent, we love a good white t-shirt, and why wouldn't we; we are a t-shirt company after all.

In honor of White T-shirt day February 11, we picked our favorite live campaign, styled it up two ways, and dedicated this post to the cult classic, white t-shirt.

The Casual Look

Last from day to evening with our NOH8 shirt.

Red trousers and high-top sneakers is our suggestion to keep the casual game strong long into the evening.

NOH8 Lady Liberty 'Justice for All' Tee

Rick Owens high-top leather sneakers

AMI cotton-chino trousers

John Winthrop's sermon "A City Upon a Hill" gets a modern twist with these Pilgrim shoes, wrapped skirt and Lady Liberty lighting the way for all.

NOH8 Lady Liberty 'Justice for All' Campaign

MSMG cotton-linen blend skirt

Roger Vivier's Sneaky Viv silk-satin sneakers

The All Nighter

Rough up the ruffle trend with our NOH8 white t-shirt and pair it with a moto jacket.

NOH8 Lady Liberty 'Justice for All' Tee

Alexander McQueen Wool Mini Skirt

Zara leather Moto Jacket

Zara ankle boots