Spreading Holiday Cheer on Christmas Card Day

Spreading Holiday Cheer on Christmas Card Day

There are very few days in the calendar year when traipsing to your local post office with a handful of paper cards doesn't seem archaic, but one such day is that of revered Christmas Card Day on December 9.

Every Christmas season young and old wait for something other than bills to slide into their mail boxes, all hoping for a glimmer of good tidings and gossip from friends, relatives and neighbors.

This Christmas season Represent decided to send those good tidings to a charitable organization called Cards for Hospitalized Kids founded by Jen Rubino, who got the idea after falling seriously ill and undergoing some 20 surgeries starting at the age of 11. "My experiences in the hospital have shown me how difficult it is to be a child or teen who is hospitalized and/or seriously ill. Hospitalized kids often feel forgotten, sad, lonely and isolated," Rubino explains on her charity's website.

The organization, which distributes cards monthly to hospitals all over the United States, first caught the attention of our social media manager, Omari Joseph, when he was searching for charitable causes for Christmas Card Day. “When I realized there would be children who would spend Christmas in the hospital I just knew we had to deliver a message of joy and help with a smile.”

He enlisted the help of Christmas card aficionado Cailley Dischinger – who knows a thing or two about the written word working in customer service for Represent – who was eager to put her message delivering skills to the test.

“I always try to be cognizant of the person who will be receiving the Christmas cards and how they will feel when they open up the card,” Cailley explained, “I still find value in a hand written note, and when Omari asked for my help I just had to participate.”

Photo Credit: Represent

In total, our Represent team sent out upwards of 45 Christmas cards to Cards for Hospitalized Kids this Christmas seasons.

Want to help spread holiday cheer this season - or any season for that matter? Read the FAQ on the Cards for Hospitalized Kids page to find out ways in which you can brighten someone's day.

PSA: If you are hoping to get Christmas cards to children in the hospital please send them to the address below 2 weeks prior to the holiday. They have stated on their website that they will accept holiday cards 7 days before the holiday.

Send Cards To:
Cards for Hospitalized Kids
7290 West Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631