Insta-God Brock O'Hurn Reminds Us All 'Never Settle' This Singles Awareness Day

Insta-God Brock O'Hurn Reminds Us All 'Never Settle' This Singles Awareness Day

On this Singles Awareness Day - also hump day - we wanted to give you Tinder swiping ladies and gents a reason to stay positive about your singledom status.

If you're like most of us, the word 'Single' can sometimes feel more like the Scarlet Letter rather than that scout-style badge of honor your wear with pride for not settling with "Mr Good on Paper" or
"Ms Hot, But Dumb".

We know this day might stir up (no pun intended) a lot of emotions especially after a hearty rosé sess, so we figured the one person you might listen to is good guy and man-bun extraordinaire, Brock O'Hurn (cue: girls fainting).

You see, our 6'7" muscle man just launched his first shirt on Represent, "[to] remind you to keep dreaming and never settle." That means not settling for that horrid guy or gal, as well as not settling for that crappy job.

So you may be feeling a twinge better about your S.A.D situation and Brock wants you to know you'll be ok. In fact the 'Never Settle' mantra has allowed our main man to garner over 2.4 million Instagram followers and appearances on a TV show.

So just remember, there's no need to get teary-eyed and devour an entire tub of ice cream this Singles Awareness Day. There are good men (and women) who use the mantra to 'Never Settle' and 'Keep Dreaming' in their daily lives and have come up winning because of it. So grab some single friends and wear that 'Single' moniker with pride; it is, after all, a badge of honor too.

Money raised from the sale of Brock O'Hurn's campaign will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.