Giving Thanks and Helping Those In Need

Giving Thanks and Helping Those In Need

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving Represent LA Gives Back to Some of the Most Vulnerable in the LA Community.

You pass them on the street in every city. You may scoff or in rare instances offer help. At Represent we choose the latter- we take our company's ethos to heart - we help those in need.

Earlier this week members of our LA team traveled to downtown Los Angeles - a place many of them frequent for work - to bring 'Thanksgiving' to the men, women and children who call the area of Skid Row their home.

Armed with garbage bags filled with shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and kids shirts, the LA Team delivered the apparel to people in the receiving line for food.

Giving Back to our LA community
Photo Credit: Represent

"It was a humbling experience to travel to downtown and to see how grateful people were that we brought them something," Omari, Head of Social Media told me.

Lauren, Content Manager for LA who had been planning the DTLA trip also agreed with Omari's sentiment, "Being able to give back to our LA community is something I strongly believe in. I really want to thank everyone who participated and I am looking forward to doing more events like this."

Want to give back this holiday season? Here are three charities actively fighting poverty in downtown LA giving hope to those living in destitution a second change:

Union Rescue Mission
Los Angeles Mission
Downtown Women's Center