Human Rights Day: Campaigns that Have Made A Difference

Human Rights Day: Campaigns that Have Made A Difference

Today, December 10, we stand up for Human Rights.

We stand up for the freedom of speech and religion, the freedom from fear or want. Human Rights Day, "calls on everyone to stand up for someone's rights!" We have a duty as citizens of the world to stand up for those who face disrespect and subject people to horrific violence based on superficial qualities.

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Even the smallest of actions can "provoke" world-wide change and we've been fortunate enough to work with individual organizations and celebrities whose charitable contributions have made a difference to those who are most vulnerable.

We want to showcase a few of the celebrity campaigns that have been instrumental in raising funds for these important Human Rights charities in 2016. Whether the campaign has been pushing for gender equality, access to life saving equipment, giving refugees a voice through film, or fighting for dissenters the world over, we are proud to be part of their crusade.

Johnny Depp, Peter Gabriel, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Tom Morello, Alex Ebert, Ana Tijoux: The Voice Project

Celebrities came together to raise awareness for those dissenters who have been wrongly imprisoned worldwide through the Voice Project.

Johnny Depp, Peter Gabriel, Nadya Tolokonnikova, Tom Morello, Alex Ebert, Ana Tijoux: The Voice Project

In November 2016, The Voice Project launched ‘Imprisoned for Art’ with well-known celebrities speaking out for dissenters who have been wrongly imprisoned. The campaign focused on the plight of Oleg Sentsov, Nudem Durak, Dawit Issak, Tran Vu Anh Binh, Tom Dundee and Ashraf Fayadh and the harsh punishment they have received.

Hunter Heaney, Co-founder & Executive Director of The Voice Project, explains his organization’s position further, “Freedom of expression is the foundational right for a free society, and it’s where one has to draw the battle lines when it’s threatened, because when it’s gone, then it’s just a matter of time for all the other human rights, you see this all over the world.”

Contributions to The Voice Project can be made on their website.

Crystal Reed: Against Malaria Foundation

Crystal Reed's limited edition shirt helped saved lives through the use of mosquito nets

July 2016 Crystal Reed launched her campaign, “Bravery is Contagious” benefiting the Against Malaria Foundation.

The foundation was recently named ‘Top Charities for 2016’ by both Giving Well and The Life You Can Save for contributing 100% of its proceeds to buying long-lasting insecticidal nets that protect people against Malaria. For around $2.50 the organization is able to buy mosquito nets that will help protect children and families against malaria.

To learn more about the Against Malaria Foundation and how you can help please see here.

*Video Courtesy of the Against Malaria Foundation*

Anna Silk: Because I Am A Girl, Plan International

Anna Silk's limited edition campaign allowed girls and women the world over to have their voices and their struggles be heard.

Actress Anna Silk ran the successful "Got Chi" campaign on Represent in June 2016 in which a portion of the proceeds raised benefited the charitable organization, Plan International.

The organization works to further children's rights and to gain more equality for girls around the world.

Expanding equality needs hard data, which Plan International can tell you is in short supply. Because I Am A Girl's goal is to find and collect hard data surrounding the issues girls and women face and to help transform that data into effective policy changes by 2030.

As the CEO of Plan International, Anne-Birgitte Albrechtsen has described the need to collect hard data, "The vision is simple: a world in which improved gender data informs the decisions and investments that can transform the lives of girls and women by 2030."

To find ways in which you can help Plan International, please see their website.

*Video Courtesy of Plan International, Because I am A Girl*

Bonnie Wright – FilmAid International

Bonnie Wright's limited edition FilmAid International tee helped give refugees a much needed voice.

In May, Bonnie Wright launched her “Dream” shirt on Represent which was inspired by silent cinema. Speaking to Simon Marks at FilmAid International he expressed happiness with what Bonnie was able to do for the charity stating, “As well as raising valuable funds, our Represent campaign featuring Bonnie Wright, gave FilmAid exposure to over 10 million people,”

FilmAid International, uses film, radio and journalism created by refugees, to provide information about their rights, safety, health and well-being. Alongside public information campaigns, FilmAid trains young people in all aspects of storytelling and communications, empowering the next generation to advocate for its own rights and community needs.

More information about FilmAid International and the causes they support can be found here.

*Video Courtesy of FilmAid International*

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