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Official Earth Day 2014 T-Shirt

You save

You save

100% of the profits from the sale of this limited edition T-shirt will benefit Earth Day Network. Please note: Any tees ordered after 4/1/14 will not be delivered in time for Earth Day.
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Earth Day 2014: The Year of the Climate Voter

The fight against climate change is at an impasse and life on Earth hangs in the balance. Help us save polar bears and other wildlife as their habitats disappear and their food sources become scarce.

Like the polar bear, human life is under threat, too. Storms are becoming stronger, droughts are becoming more severe, and rising sea levels encroach on our cities.

We need an active informed public to stand tall, stop and reverse climate change and protect our children's future!

That’s why Earth Day Network is leading the charge to educate and register 300,000 new climate voters in 2014—voters who will support renewable energy and hold their leaders accountable, voters who will help us transition to a more sustainable future.

Help Earth Day Network register 300,000 new climate voters in 2014! Join this campaign and, to show our appreciation, we'll send you our favorite organic cotton Earth Day 2014 T-shirt.

For more information, go to www.earthday.org/climatevoter