Chloe Bennet Wants you to Rethink What it Means to 'Fight Like a Girl'

Chloe Bennet Wants you to Rethink What it Means to 'Fight Like a Girl'

It's Time to Fight Like a Girl!

Chloe Bennet is known in Hollywood circles as an actress that takes chances and kicks ass while doing it.

The 24 year-old actress whose philanthropic pursuits started at a young age, recently visited our offices to talk politics, being a girl and how this shirt - more now than ever - has an empowering message to female fans young and old.

Represent : How did you choose the tag line 'Fight Like a Girl'?

Chloe : "Fight like a girl was the most obvious tag line to use for this campaign, [because] I think fighting like a girl is the absolute way to go."

Represent : Do you think the tag line 'Fight Like a Girl' has taken on a new meaning given the outcome of November 8?

Chloe : "I definitely think, since November 8, this t-shirt has meant a lot more to me than I could have ever thought possible.We thought of this slogan beforehand [before the election results] and now it feels very relevant. ‘Fight like a Girl’ for a lot of women, including myself, means a lot more post November 8 so if you’re with me; get the t-shirt."

*Represent* : How did you feel about the outcome of the election?

Chloe: "To see someone who was completely overqualified and ready and willing and excited to be the President of the United States be defeated by someone filled with hate who is sexist, racist and anti-Semitic... It’s hard as a woman to sit back and watch and not take that personally."

Represent : How much money will benefit the charity tied to your campaign? How did you decide on the Community Empowerment in the Dominican Republic and Haiti charity?

Chloe: "All of the profits from these t-shirts and sweatshirts go to a charity called Community Empowerment and that charity happens to have been started by my mother. Since I was 13 I’ve seen her Fight Like a Girl and in turn, it’s saved thousands of people’s lives. I am so proud to change what Fight Like a Girl means to people in society and all around the world because it’s pretty bad ass."

If you want to help girls around the world join Chloe's campaign and 'Fight Like a Girl'. The 'weaker sex' has decided they are ready to fight!