Sofia Vergara Does It for The Cake

Sofia Vergara Does It for The Cake

"No Pain, No Cake," says Sofia Vergara in her newest apparel venture

Sofia Vergara has made a name for herself in Hollywood not only for her success as an actress, but also as a curvaceous, red-carpet bombshell.

So how does the self-described, gym-hating Vergara keep that Instagram-envying shape?

Well, it starts with her personal trainer but even then she has said she will come up with just about any excuse not to workout. Her one very big downfall and motivation for the pain; she really loves eating desserts!

For Sofia's first campaign on Represent, "No Pain, No Cake" is a tribute to all of the men and women who really do not enjoy the pain and struggle of working out, but power through it for the grand sugary prize.

Just know that after the pain, you too can enjoy that slice of chocolate ganache cake, a few scoops of an ice cream sundae, or just a smidgen of that delectable doughnut, because as Sofia herself has been fond of saying, "It's not carbohydrates, it's cake!"

Showing off the cake
Photo Credit: Represent