Looking Good in 'The Best Ship'

Looking Good in 'The Best Ship'

Two months ago we asked our fellow Best Shipper fans to post a few photos of them voguing in 'The Best Ship' t-shirt by Ian Harding and Lucy Hale.

We had some amazing entries from all over the world - if you missed the super shipper collage, check back at this earlier blog post - but could only have one best-styled winner!

Drum Roll please.....

The Winner of our Best-Styled Shipper competition

       Photo Credit: Frederik Instagram

Let us introduce you to Frederik, the winner of our first Best Styled social media challenge. Introductions now out of the way, let's get to know this best styled 'shipper'.

Represent - Where are you from and how did you hear about Represent?

Frederik - I´m from Munich, Germany and I heard about you on the Instagram account from Troian Bellisario, because you made a shirt with “Spoby” before the “Best Ship” campaign. Sadly, I missed the “Spoby” shirt, so as soon as I saw [The Best Ship campaign] with Lucy Hale and Ian, I ordered it immediately.

Represent - Why did you purchase "The Best Ship" campaign?

Frederik - I love the series Pretty Little Liars and the characters Aria and Ezra the most. As I had seen the t-shirts on Lucy and Ian, I had to have it; naturally.

Represent - Was "The Best Ship" the first campaign you've purchased from Represent?

Frederik - Yes it was the first campaign from Represent, but funny fact, I bought the “Emison” shirt for my brother two weeks ago.

Represent - How would you describe your personal style?

Frederik - I like mixing elegant and cool things, like a suit jacket with sneakers and jeans or a leather jacket and elegant shoes.

Represent - What is one item of clothing you cannot live without?

Frederik - My leather jacket.

Represent- Best styling tips for every day life?

Frederik - Go for the simple things.

Represent - What is your profession?

Frederik - I´m a freelancer [photographer], mostly as an assistant in photo studios in Munich, but I also do some of my own photography and design stuff.

Represent- How does photography influence your daily style?

Frederik - As a photographer, I see a lot of different ideas, styles and ways in which people style themselves and also the way models [are styled] for editorials.

Represent - What is your best piece of style advice you can give to those hoping to win "the best styled" competition in the future?

Frederik - Be yourself and style yourself the way you want; do your thing!

Want to learn more about Frederik's life as a freelance photographer, his adventures in Munich and throughout the world? Follow him on Instagram!