Wise words spoken by a ... Dog?

Wise words spoken by a ... Dog?

Mike Rowe explains why his dog Freddy is the best to sum up the current political discourse

The countdown is on folks. With less than two months until the general election Mike Rowe and perhaps most importantly, Freddy, are back to remind you that, A doghouse divided against itself cannot stand.

Mike Rowe and his dog Freddy get 19th century political

For his third shirt on Represent, Freddy is paying homage to Abraham Lincoln with his, “19th century garb and stove top pipe hat.” If you haven’t noticed yet, Mike has a bit of a presidential theme going on and why the presidential theme you might ask? Rowe explains, “what better sentiment really, I mean right now, all things considered, when we step back and look at this hot mess of political discourse and all of the strum und drang and divisiveness in our fair land, what better way to sum it up than through the mind of a dog.”

Partisanship, divisiveness and peanut galleries aside, by buying this campaign you'll be helping young men and women learn a trade skill that is in demand via the mikeroweWorks Fund Raiser.