Certified production

Powerful merchandise production

Represent provides powerful merchandise production. Having connected several certified US manufacturers we are able to handle large amounts of items in a way no one can match.

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  • Certified production facilities

    Represent only works with certified suppliers who provide the highest standards on the market.

  • Top quality products

    Our T-shirts posses high thread density. Plastic materials we use are durable and flexible. Inks are eco-friendly and cost efficient.

  • Many products, single place

    Our product offering comes from various places all over the world. We simplify the logistics and reinvent shipping to end customers so you can focus on what matters.

  • Really large amounts

    Our facilities routinely dispatch hundreds of thousands of items every day. No matter if you need ten items or ten thousand, we already did this.

  • No upfront costs

    Using our order-in-advance model we only manufacture what is actually sold. This way you don't need any resources to produce any amount of merchandise.