Bring it to life

On demand manufacturing of products with your designs. Launch your store with hi-quality products and let us take care of the hassle.

No hassle

We take care of the printing, customer support, exchanges, shipping, and inventory. All you need is to upload your designs.

No costs, high margins

We only manufacture what is actually sold. Our production line is highly optimized to keep the costs insanely low.


Example cost per item(s) sold

Product 1 item 10 items 50 items 100 items 500 items
American Apparel Tee $15.73 $12.95 $10.30 $10.00 $9.79
American Apparel Tank $13.90 $12.60 $10.90 $10.60 $10.34
American Apparel Hoodie $25.25 $25.25 $24.05 $23.80 $23.59
iPhone Case $16.00 $14.75 $12.85 $12.45 $12.09
Tote Bag $16.05 $11.95 $10.30 $10.00 $9.74

Upload your design to get started

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How does Represent differ from other platforms?

Better prices, better products and advertising tools. Our production line is highly optimized to give you lower production costs than other traditional methods. We provide a limited range of products with the highest level of certification. We provide a set of advertising tools that help artists to target their own fan audiences.

Do you really sell that many T-shirts?

Yes, we do. We have successfully delivered campaigns with tens of thousands of T-shirts sold. However, we also deliver hundreds of smaller campaigns every day.

What is the actual profit?

Your profits vary every time. You can set the price of your products, and we try to minimize the production costs. This is how we are able to maximize your profit.