Follow the Flock: An Interview with Larry Fitzgerald

Follow the Flock: An Interview with Larry Fitzgerald

September 11 opens the Arizona Cardinal’s season against the New England Patriots garnering attention from sports writers and the Bird Gang alike.

We had the chance to chat with Larry about the upcoming season, what it means to be a member of the Cardinal’s team and his latest charitable initiative launching on Represent which benefits the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund.

Represent: It’s your 13th season at Arizona, what has been your favorite moment with the Cardinal’s fan base- The Bird Gang?

Larry Fitzgerald: So I’ve played in Arizona for 13 seasons and I‘ve had a lot of great and memorable moments, but I would say my favourite was standing on that podium after that NFC championship game beating the Philadelphia Eagles and knowing I was going to participate in my first Super Bowl ever!

Represent: The Bird Gang fans are pretty die hard, how do they compare to the fans back at the University of Pittsburg?

Larry Fitzgerald: I went to the University of Pittsburgh and have played all 13 of my years in Arizona and if I were comparing the fan base I would say the University of Pittsburgh fans have been cheering for the University of Pittsburgh for many years and they’ve played football there for over 100 years now. Arizona Cardinal fans, The Bird Gang we’ve only been in Arizona since 1988 but our fan base is continuing to grow and I think with our better play and our continued playoff appearances it's only going to get better.

Larry Fitzgerald sporting his limited edition Bird Gang tshirt
Photo Credit: Represent

Represent: Do you have any superstitions or rituals to get you ready for a game?

Larry Fitzgerald: You know, I hear a lot of guys talking having superstitions and talking about things that they have to do prior to a game or during a game; and I don’t really have any superstitions to be honest with you.

Represent: Will any proceeds from the sale of your Represent campaign benefit a particular charity? Will it benefit your own Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund?

Larry Fitzgrald: The proceeds raised from the sale of this shirt will be going to the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund. It goes to raising money for breast cancer awareness and also youth activities. I am a firm believer that you have to foster the hopes and dreams of young people because they are our future.

Represent: It’s the start of a new season, who on the team are you most excited about?

Larry Fitzgerald: So we had a busy off season and we brought in some free agents. One guy that I am really excited about and that we got in the trade from the New England Patriots, Chandler Jones, he’s a guy that can come in and get you 10 plus sacks in a season! We happen to open up our first game of this year against the New England Patriots which is his former team. So I think he might be a tad bit motivated and I am looking for a special game from him.

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