Important Information About Your Christmas Order

Important Information About Your Christmas Order

1) I received an email called: Horray! Your Order ID ###### Has Been Printed! and want to know why my order hasn't arrived?

When you receive this email (screenshot above), your order is in the process of being packaged. During this time, the tracking code will not work- it needs to be scanned by UPS to activate the code. The Estimated Shipping Day is when UPS should pick up packages for this order, NOT the day your order was shipped.

2) How to Track Your package

When your package is on the truck and is eagerly making its way towards you, you will receive an email titled:Your Order Has Shipped. Here, the code you received above will be active - as it has been scanned by UPS - and can be tracked. Your email will look like this:

3) Received something else than what you ordered?

Please contact us at with the exact details of the items you received and please include a photo of the item you have received. Someone from our customer service team will be happy to help!

4) How do I exchange my order - wrong size, wrong color?

If you have received the correct order but you are unsatisfied with the fit of the item, we would be happy to accommodate an exchange, provided we have the inventory.


5) How do I return my package?

If you've received your package and no longer want it the best way to go about returning it is by filling in the Returns Form located in your confirmation email or order summary (outlined in red below).

6) I want to cancel my order because it will not arrive by Christmas.

Unfortunately, after the campaign ends all orders go into production, and we are no longer able to cancel individual orders as everything is made to order in a streamlined process. So even though your order may not have been shipped yet, we are unfortunately not able to cancel it. We will, however, be happy to accept it back to our return address for a refund (see 5).

If you still have questions about your order, please contact a member of our customer service team who will do their very best to help you resolve the issue.

Thank you