"It's Not Magic, It's Science!" How Bill Nye Hopes to Get Climate Crusaders Involved with Apparel

"It's Not Magic, It's Science!" How Bill Nye Hopes to Get Climate Crusaders Involved with Apparel

It's not magic, It's Science and you too can help make a difference!

Bill Nye, former PBS host turned science crusader is now pushing both climate deniers and climate believers alike to use 100% renewable and clean energy! To get to the magic 100, Bill Nye is throwing his weight behind The Solutions Project, “[which]attracts people from all walks of life and sectors of society to participate in the transition to 100% renewable and clean energy." It also happens to be the platform of choice for Bill Nye's apparel campaign, 'It's Not Magic, It's Science' benefiting the organization.

If you don't see a reason to also back an organization like The Solutions Project, Nye went ahead and put his urgency into perspective, “2016 is going to be the hottest year on record. You know why, because of people like you and me. There’s 7.5 billion people breathing and burning an atmosphere that is turning out to be very, very thin.”

The thinning of the Earth's atmosphere is of course a real problem with real consequences. One of the ways in which Nye believes this problem can be solved is through the use of renewable, clean energy.

We will never be able to bring back the coal mines of the 19th century, but we can produce renewable energy locally with existing technologies - which will in turn produce local jobs. Nye, who explained his plan during our photo shoot at the Griffith Observatory said, "The only people who can build wind turbines are people who live [in the area]. The only people who can install solar panels on the roofs of warehouses and houses are people who live there!”

This way to the telescope and this way to helping solve the world's climate dilemma.

As with most social movements, it always starts small. Reap the benefits of the "It's Not Magic, It's Science" apparel campaign now and help all of us in the future.

Editor's Note: Since "It's not Magic, It's Science" launched there have been a number of concerns raised on social media. While we cannot address each person directly, we did take stock of the feedback and would like to offer our answers. If you have any other concerns we can be reached at : blog@represent.com.

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