'Shipping' Off Smiles

'Shipping' Off Smiles

Ian Harding & Lucy Hale bring new smiles via the Smile Train

Ian and Lucy show off their smiles for "The Best Ship" campaign on Represent

Your smile says a lot about you and these two Hollywood besties know a thing or two about showing off those pearly whites!

In February 2016 Ian Harding and Lucy Hale took to Facebook Live to announce the launch of their very first campaign on Represent to an adoring crowd of 51,000 eager fans.

Working with the Represent designers in LA, Harding and Hale came up with a design that they hoped would not only, “blow Troian and Keegan’s shirt out of the water,” Ian had said, but would also “help out two massive charities that are very close to our collective hearts.”

The two chosen charities for the A-lister’s two week campaign, Smile Train and the Lupus Foundation, received 100% of the proceeds raised from the multi-style campaign. “Not only are you wearing your favorite ship,” Lucy said beaming into the camera, “but you’re helping many people; which is awesome.”

And my goodness did Shipper fans heed the calls to help! In total, the two week campaign was able to raise enough money for the Smile Train to give much needed cleft lip and palate surgery to 132 people for free! Moreover, Smile Train was so pleased with the results of your charitable giving that they even made Lucy a thank you video - now that is the ultimate thank you card.

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