Represent for Groups

Represent allows you to design and group-fund your custom tees and hoodies. Everyone pays for their own item through Represent, so no one needs to lay out the cost, or guess amounts and sizes!

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Represent for Groups

Represent is the simplest and easiest way to group fund apparel

How it works

  • Design

    1. Customize

    Customize your apparel using our designer & set up your campaign for free.
  • Share

    2. Share

    Share your campaign with your group and start pre-orders immediately!
  • Sell

    3. Reach your goal

    Reach your sales goal and we’ll fulfill and distribute all your orders.

Why Represent?

  • Group fund your products so no one is out-of-pocket
  • No guessing sizes or amounts
  • No up-front costs
  • Easy to set up campaigns
  • Great value, top quality products
  • Seamless ordering process
  • Shipping and fulfillment handling
  • Excellent customer service

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It’s really that simple!