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    The more units sold, the higher profits per unit.

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Your profit
Your profit increases with every item sold!
See example profit breakdown
Items sold Example profit per item Overall profit
1 item {model:minProfitPerItem.1 | price}
10 items {model:minProfitPerItem.10 | price}
50 items {model:minProfitPerItem.50 | price}
100 items {model:minProfitPerItem.100 | price}
500 items {model:minProfitPerItem.500 | price}
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Each order will be fulfilled right after it is placed.
You will earn between
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for every item you sell.
You will earn
{model:minProfit | price}
for every item you sell.

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Duration of your campaign

Your campaign will relaunch every {campaign:original_duration} days to maximize your profit. Your campaign will end in {campaign:original_duration} days.
You can change this behavior in advanced settings.
Of course, you can end or relaunch your campaign at any time

Duration of your campaign

Please select when your campaign ends
U.S. orders will ship 14-18 days after the end
of the campaign

Relaunch campaign

Select whether to relaunch the campaign
You can set your campaign to automatically relaunch
after it is finished

Campaign settings

Dormant campaigns' timer won't start ticking until the first order is made

Default view

Select the product and its side to be displayed

Campaign goal

Set a goal sales count for your campaign
Goal is displayed on the campaign page, but the campaign will be fulfilled even if the goal is not met

Terms and conditions

Select products for your campaign Select products for your order Select products
Select color options for each product. Too many options make it difficult to decide, but too few may miss what people actually desire.
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    {style:basePrice | price} per unit

    {style:basePriceForGoal | price} @ {order:orderItemsQuantity} units

    {style:pricing.50 | price} @ 50 units

    {style:pricing.1 | price}

    {style:basePrice | price} per unit

    {style:availableSizes | first}
    {style:gender} {style:availableSizes | first | humanizeSize}{style:availableSizes | last | humanizeSize}
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