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These are the first official tees of #TheBlackout, the team that brought you #Blackout and #Blackoutday.

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These are the first official tees of #TheBlackout, the team that brought you #Blackout and #Blackoutday.

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Who We Are

It's time we got fed up with constantly being surrounded by the idea that white faces and bodies were the epitome of beauty. T'von(expect-the-greatest)suggested that there be a day on Tumblr, within the black tumblr user population, where we like and reblog selfies of each other and fill our dashboards with encouragement. When Marissa Rei (blkoutqueen) came up with the name "TheBlackout" the movement was officially born. In our initial push, we spread the word via tumblr posts and as the movement grew, graphic designer nukirk (moderator of the popular blog whatwhiteswillneverknow) created social media logos that aided the jump from tumblr to the rest of social media.

When March 6th arrived, we found The Blackout to be a huge success. #BlackoutDay trended across all major Social Media platforms and black people from all around the world and all walks of life participated. With the movement garnering attention from major media outlets, we looked forward into what this could become. We have grown from a tumblr idea to a full movement present on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and our very own website.

Our goal is to continue celebrating the many different manifestations and nuances of blackness. We have continued to see success and hope that through themes, open dialogue, and a selfie or two, we encourage our participants showcase themselves and their talents and build a strong network of encouragement and support.

We're black and we're out here. Disrupt the status quo. Takeover.

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