Selling with Shopify - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • I want to use Represent for Shopify. Where do I start?

    To start using our Shopify integration, simply install the Represent app in your Shopify store. The app will allow you to create products for your store which will be automatically fulfilled by Represent.

  • What is the difference between selling on and using Represent for Shopify? How do I know which platform is right for me?

    Represent is a print-on-demand platform where you can create and sell various custom printed products. For all products hosted on our website, we offer full customer service and handle exchanges and returns. The orders are Represent-branded which places you next to the renowned celebrities and influencers using our services. Represent is completely free and you simply gain profit for each item you sell.

    Our Shopify integration provides you with a drop shipping fulfillment for your Shopify store. This option is perfect if you want to run business under your own brand. The packages are white-labeled and come with your store’s name. This also means it's upon you to handle your buyers' inquiries and bear additional costs for providing customer service. To meet your needs, the differences are reflected in the lower base cost of products sold on Shopify.

  • I’ve just received an order. What should I do?

    Orders for all products created through our app will be automatically fulfilled and shipped to the customer, so no action is needed on your side. The only thing you need to look after is having sufficient credit balance to cover the production and shipping costs of the order. Your credit balance can be recharged in the Billing section of our app.

  • What printing methods do you use for your apparel?

    To allow for single-unit orders and to ensure quick turnaround times, we use our high-quality in house DTG printer for fulfillment of all apparel orders.

  • How will Represent fulfill my orders?

    Orders for all products created via our app will be automatically fulfilled and shipped to your customers. Orders are routed to fulfillment 12 hours after they are placed. This period allows you to review your order and pause, edit or cancel it if necessary.

    Once sent to production, your credit balance will be charged for the production and shipping costs of the order. As soon as an order ships, we will push the tracking details to Shopify which will be forwarded to your customer in the shipping confirmation email.

  • What does it mean when an order is waiting or paused?

    Orders are routed to production 12 hours after they are placed. During this period, orders will be listed as ‘waiting’ in your dashboard. This is to allow you to review the order and edit its details if necessary. This is also the only stage when orders can be canceled.

    If you need more time to review the order, you can pause it. This will stop the routing process and you can resume it later. Orders are also paused if their address did not pass verification. Routing of such orders will be resumed once you update the address. Please note the orders cannot be paused once they were submitted for production.

  • Can I cancel fulfillment of an order from my store?

    Orders can only be canceled before they are routed to production which is normally 12 hours after they are placed. You can cancel an order in the Orders section of our app.

  • How much do we charge? What is your pricing?

    Each time an order is placed and routed to fulfillment, your credit balance will be charged for the production and shipping. We charge flat rates as per our pricing below. The cost of printing is included in the base price.

    Style name Style number Price
    Gildan Short Sleeve Tee 2000 $8.50
    Next Level Unisex Fitted Tee 3600 $9.75
    Bella Canvas Unisex V-Neck Tee 3005 $10.75
    Sport-Tek Performance PosiCharge Tee ST350 $22.99
    Next Level The Boyfriend Tee 3900 $10.50
    Bella Canvas Short Sleeve Tee 6004 $10.00
    Gildan Ladies Short Sleeve Tee 2000L $8.50
    Sport-Tek Performance Ladies PosiCharge Tee LST350 $18.50
    Gildan Unisex Jersey Tank 2200 $9.50
    Bella Canvas Flowy Racerback Tank 8800 $12.50
    Next Level Tri-Blend Racerback Tank 6733 $9.50
    Gildan Youth Short Sleeve Tee G2000B $9.50
    Rabbit Skins Kids' Jersey Tee 3321 $12.99
    Gildan Unisex Long Sleeve Tee 2400 $10.50
    Gildan Pullover Sweatshirt 18000 $15.50
    Hanes Pullover Sweatshirt F260 $12.50
    Gildan Pullover Hoodie 18500 $18.50
    Hanes Pullover Hoodie F170 $22.99
    Samsung phone cases various starting at $17.99
    iPhone cases various starting at $17.99
  • How much does shipping cost?

    The amount charged to your credit balance for each order depends on the number of items in the order and the destination country. Base shipping price for domestic orders is $3.99 and $1.50 for each additional item of the same category within the order. For international orders, it is $8.99 and $4.00 for each additional item. We advise that you take these costs into consideration when setting up pricing for your Shopify store.

  • How can I provide size charts to my customers?

    Size and material information for all apparel products can be found on this page. For each style, we provide a size chart embed code which makes it easy for you to display the sizing details in your store.

Creating your Shopify products

  • Is there a limit to the number of products I can create?

    There is no limit to the number of products in your Shopify store.

  • I can’t add more colors and/or sizes to my Shopify product.

    Shopify products are limited to 100 variants. A variant is defined as a combination of color, size, and style. For example, a Gildan Short Sleeve Tee, in Red, size S represents exactly one product variant. If you choose to offer one style in three colors and six sizes (S–3XL), this makes up a total of 18 variants.

    If you would like to offer a design in more styles and colors but reach the variant limit, we suggest that you split the styles and create, for example, separate products with men’s and women’s styles.

  • What is intellectual property, and how does it affect my Shopify products?

    Intellectual property rights protect individuals from the unauthorized use of original content by others. We do not want your product to be jeopardized in any way, so please ensure the material you use for a product is your own or that you have documented permission to use material from others.

    Represent does not endorse the use of stolen material, and will immediately shut down any Shopify product that infringes on Intellectual Property rights.


  • How do the credits work?

    We use prepaid credits to ensure fast turnaround of orders from your store. Each time an order is sent to print, you will be charged the production and shipping costs. The corresponding amount will simply be taken from your credit balance.

  • How do I recharge my credit balance?

    You can add credit to your balance in the Billing section of our app. You can either choose to make a one-time payment each time you run our of credits, or set your balance to recharge automatically. We recommend setting up automatic recharges in order to prevent unnecessary delays in fulfillment of your orders.

  • My credit payment did not go through. What should I do?

    Please check your credit card balance and contact your bank to see if they might have held your payment for any reason. Your card may have a weekly limit or a monthly limit on online transactions. If the problem persists, please contact

Fulfillment errors

  • My order is not being fulfilled. What should I do?

    Fulfillment of orders from your store is automatic and usually starts 12 hours after the order is placed. If the fulfillment does not start after the period, check for the following:

    - You have sufficient credit balance to cover the order's production and shipping. You can check your balance and add credit in the Billing section of our app.
    - The order has a valid shipping address. Some orders cannot be fulfilled due to issues with the shipping address. Please check with your customer whether the details are correct and update the address by clicking ‘Fix shipping address’ in the Orders section of our app.
    - Your products are available for fulfillment. Orders which contain a product that have been taken down due to copyright infringement or violations of our terms and conditions. If this happens, you will be notified by email.

  • A buyer contacted me saying their order is delayed. What should I do?

    We monitor shipping and printing delays daily, and we are in immediate contact with our print facility to resolve these issues if they occur. If you see any profound delays, please contact with the order number and our support team will get back to you with a resolution shortly.

  • A buyer contacted me saying their order was misprinted and/or damaged. How do I proceed?

    Please contact us and include a clear photo of the misprinted or damaged item. If the item was misprinted or damaged, we will be happy to reprint and reship it at no additional cost.

  • A buyer contacted me saying their order was damaged after washing. Can you help?

    Unfortunately, Represent cannot be responsible for any damage incurred by washing or natural wear and tear.

    We strongly suggest following the care instructions found on the inside label of the item. If prints are washed on a higher temperature or tumble dried excessively, the print may come off. To best preserve the quality of any printed apparel, we recommend washing it on a cold cycle, inside out, and without tumble drying.

Returns & Exchanges

  • What is your exchange policy?

    If your customer wants to exchange an item for any reason, we will be happy to accommodate the exchange for you, and the cost of printing and shipping will be charged to your credit balance. If you require the customer to return the item first, you can either instruct them to send it to your business address or use our returns address instead:

    Represent Returns
    1180 Seminole Trail
    Suite 480
    Charlottesville, VA 22901
    United States

    Please note we are unable to resend items which were returned to us for exchange.

  • What is your returns policy?

    At this time, we do not provide refunds for undamaged items that buyers would like to return. As such, we will not be accepting any returns. If you would like to give your buyers the opportunity to return undamaged purchases and receive a refund, please instruct them to return the merchandise to your personal address. You may then refund the customer from your Shopify dashboard.

    Please note that if the item is misprinted or anyhow damaged, we do not require the buyer to return their merchandise and provide a reprint on our expense.


  • Do you ship internationally? Are there any countries in the world you don’t ship to?

    We ship to most countries worldwide. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a limited number of countries due to restrictions on our carrier’s side. If an order is submitted with a shipping address to a country we don’t ship to, you will be notified by email. We will not accept the order and your credit balance will not be charged.

  • One of my orders was submitted with an invalid address. What do I do?

    If your order is submitted with an invalid address, we will stop its fulfillment and it will show up as paused in your Shopify dashboard. You will receive an email prompting you to update the shipping address and unpause the order.

    An invalid address may include:

    - Countries we cannot ship to
    - a shipping address without a street number
    - an incorrect ZIP code

    If the address includes a country where we cannot ship, we will not accept that order and your credit balance will not be charged. It is up to you to refund that order to your customer.

  • A buyer contacted me saying they made a mistake in their shipping address. Can I fix it?

    If the order was submitted less than 12 hours ago and has not yet been sent to print, you can simply update the shipping address in your Shopify dashboard. We’ll take into account the latest details when sending your order to print. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to edit orders which have been routed to fulfillment.

  • My customer’s package could not be delivered due to an incorrect shipping address.

    If your customer’s package cannot be delivered and is returned to our address, you will receive an automatic email detailing the issue and prompting you to update or confirm the shipping address. Once the address is approved, we will be happy to reship the package to the customer. Your credit balance will be charged for the additional shipping costs.

  • My customer was charged a customs fee on their international package. What do I do?

    International imports above a certain value may be charged a customs fee, value-added tax and/or handling fee by the customs bureau of the destination country. These charges are subject to change based on national legislation.

    Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for import taxes charged by any government, and your buyers should be aware that importing merchandise from abroad may be subject to a fee. As a courtesy, you may wish to refund their orders for a symbolic amount such as the additional handling fee charged by their national postal service.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our support team by emailing and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours!