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Catahoula Jack's

Hello! My name is Angelina, and I'm here because of my biggest passion. And my biggest passion is this: ANIMALS, and saving them from all types of cruelty. Testing, experimenting, abuse, neglect, horrible laws, etc. i'm also here to spread meat and dairy industry awareness and why people should go vegan. Animals are beautiful living beings, as we humans are, and don't deserve what they get. I'm here to fight for them, those who can't fight and speak for themselves.
You can't love animals and eat them too.
You can't say you're a dog lover and abuse them at the same time.

I decided to call my shop Catahoula Jack's because my dog, my best friend, is a catahoula leopard dog. And his name is Jack! I'm horrible with coming up with names like this, but this meant something to me personally and sounded catchy. So here we are! I hope you enjoy my designs and decide to help to spread the message and awareness that needs to be out there and seen. ANIMAL LOVERS UNITE! FIGHT FOR THEM!