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Earth Pig Industries was started to honor those who do the hard things no one else wants to. The professional voyeurs who operate in austere environments during inclement weather, and conduct the continuous, all day, all night, multi\-day observation, and sighting and target acquisition of an objective in support of combat operations. Those who by the very nature and importance of their craft, are mandated to be independent operators and thinkers. Decentralized command is how these teams function. We here at Earth Pig Industries thank you for not only visiting our site, but taking the time to learn, relate to, or support those who walk this way of life. We get it too, because we are Earth Pigs our selves. So purchase a product and display your pride in having been, being, or supporting one of the extreme few who are inserted by any means, and operate in any environment for undisclosed periods of time. If it were easy, every body would do it, but it isn't...and it's not for the faint of heart.