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What does Fashioned 2 Reign mean?


You can do something no one else can in a very personalized way. You have been birthed into the world with unique abilities for a custom made purpose. As God’s ambassadors to the earth you Are divinely created to fulfill an individualized purpose .

To Reign:

God desires for us is to experience our full status as God’s children. There are people who are counting on you to be who God called you to be. As God’s Sons and Daughters we are co-heirs with Christ. It’s time to step into your inheritance. It’s time to walk in the truth of who you are and the calling God has given you. It’s time to use the influence God gave you impact the world around you. Be the expression of his glory that he designed you to be. You are the evidence of GOD's existence.

Our Story:

How we came to be.

Fashioned To Reign is merchandise that help us share our personal testimonies and the messages that God has given us. It is through this we mean to open up the gospel to people to become carriers of God's presence.

About Our Designs:

Fashioned To Reign merchandise is not designed to be a fashionable trend or a gimmick. All designs are created to be a ministry tool to minister both to the person wearing it and to those who read it.

We hope that our merchandise helps you not to just be blessed but to also be a blessing and transition you from just speaking a God’s message but to become the embodiment of God’s message.

We pray that with every purchase of our merchandise that God will minister more to you about the message behind your purchased design.

Our Mission:

Discover Your True Identity In Christ!! Fashioned To Reign Is Apparel That Refines Identity to Promote Personal Growth, Health Discovery and Empowerment. We are more than apparel. We are a Ministry.

Isaiah 43:10-13

“You are My witnesses,” says the Lord, “And My servant whom I have chosen, That you may know and believe Me, And understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, Nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am the Lord, And besides Me there is no savior. I have declared and saved, I have proclaimed, And there was no foreign god among you; Therefore you are My witnesses,” Says the Lord, “that I am God. Indeed before the day was, I am He; And there is no one who can deliver out of My hand; I work, and who will reverse it?”

Our Purpose:

Claim Your Identity In Jesus Christ. We Are All Children of Royalty. The Lord Wants Us To Remind You That You Are More Than Who You Believe You Are. You Are Important & You Are Loved. Know Your Worth & Never Forget It! Arise & Shine! Influence Your World!

We seek to reveal,equip and teach the ways of Royalty, as children of God, through understanding our personal purpose, identity, destiny and inheritance in Jesus Christ.

What We do? Our Vision

Equip people to be emotionally and mentally armored against the work of demonic forces and spiritual decay with the discovery or refinement of their identity in Jesus Christ.

Reveal God's word, heart, plan, will and glory

Provide the instructional tools to Empower people to spread God's agenda and message.

Put to order the priorities needed to bring about health, healing, deliverance,peace, love, faith and hope.

Our Values:

Our values can be summed up with the acronym C.A.L.L.E.D.