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Lo'Fi Boy (Damian Kavjian) is a 17 year old lo-fi hip hop artist living with his momma in Pensacola, FL. In March of 2017, he was neglecting his schoolwork scrolling through youtube. He discovered a mix called "N O S T A L G I C" by the music promoter "NEOTIC". While listening to the mix he came across the song "Her" by "eery". Damian fell in love with this style of music. With music production already a passion of his, he began working. His first song "Bby.girl" came out March 27th, 2017. Since then he has progressed in the genre. In the summer of 2017, Lo'Fi Boy released his song "Trust". It was then promoted on the YouTube channel "AnimeVibe". Since then he has gained a small following and released more songs such as The struggle in the 90s, Sex For Breakfast (feat. Shiloh Dynasty).

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