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In life choices are made out of love or fear. The Love No Ego Group, LLC influences people to choose love rather than fear...rather than the ego. More Love. Less Ego.

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Love...No Ego is a community organization aimed to improve upon human relations. It brings individuals and diverse groups of people face to face to discuss their differences and social issues. It is grounded in the philosophy of creating a calm, clear, connection between people. It calls for us to first calm down. This requires for us to, among other things, stop blaming, judging, killing, yelling and screaming. Second, lets be clear. We're all human beings here. Our goals are pretty much all the same; which is to experience the best life possible for ourselves and our families. Third, let's connect. Let's sit down face to face and have a meaningful and productive conversation about our issues and differences. This is how we practice Love No Ego. For more info, visit