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Information system about the possibilities for your sailing voyage.

Dear friends of yachting, our family!

We are asking you for your help and support. We would like to continue with posting of new articles and useful information on our yachting guide, so they are available to yachting fans and all friends of the sea.

Our aim is to make the currently posted information more attractive in order to simplify the overview and searching for the perfect places for yachting trips all around the world. Moreover, we plan to extent our web-page with some new services that may be very useful during your voyage. Unfortunately, this project is funded only from our private resources. We have spent thousands hours of our free time in order to provide you with an easy-to-follow overview of all possibilities for your voyage. We would like to transfer these information to a mobile application so you can use this guide in a simpler and more intuitive way, not speaking about having the guide still with you on your cell wherever you are.

Everybody willing to help us with this project can do so by buying a clothes with our logo presented on this web-page. All the money will be used to cover the costs of creating the new posts and mostly for developing of our app, which we currently can not develop on our own without some additional support.
We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our heart for helping us with this project, in which we have invested not only our money and free time, but also our passion. We hope that our clothes will bring you a lot of benefits.

Yours marinatips Team, Michal and Peter!

Have you discovered any amazing place on our planet?
Please, share with us your experience.

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