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Message Wear

After 30 years in this Industry one of the things that stands out is the more you can engage in conversations about your product and opportunity the more successful we will be...

Now the 2nd part of that is.. How do we do that? ....Well along comes the reason for Message Wear... Nothing works better than an intriguing tshirt, hoodie, coffee mug or ??, to get someone to ask you... What is that? or What is it it you do? or How does that work? or Are you making money in that? And on a tshirt it becomes a marketing piece for you that your not even aware of since you forget you were even wearing it, and everyone you come into contact with "see's it" and you are even surprised when they ask you ... It can be compared to a nametag, when you mention people by name they often wonder how you know there name since they forgot to put it on wink emoticon Not a week goes by that we don't sell product or recruit someone because they "asked us: about our shirt. Think about it... can you afford not to market your business? We don't leave the house without wearing something that promotes the company we love...