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Stand with Fighters and help make MMA a true professional sport free of restraints!

MMA fighters should have the same rights & protections as other professional athletes. The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act is a federal law that was enacted 17 years ago to protect boxers from exploitation, eliminate conflicts of interest, and increase integrity in the sport. The Ali Act should also include Mixed Martial Artists.

Mixed Martial Artists should be treated like professional boxers. Fighters should have the right to know how much money a promotion is making from an event. Fans should have the right to see the best possible fights through independent rankings. Fighters should have the right to compete in a professional sport free of conflicts, coercion, restraints and exploitation!

Our bill, the Muhammad Ali Expansion Act, is now pending in Congress, H.R. 44!

Support fighters and help us ensure passage of the Muhammad Ali Expansion Act! Proceeds received from the sale of these shirts will be used to fund trips to Washington D.C. so fighters can tell their stories directly to Congress!

Stand with fighters and support our efforts! #MMAFA #AliAct2MMA #fight4fighters #uniteFightchange.

About The MMAFA

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association (“MMAFA”) is an association comprised entirely of mixed martial artists and their trainers. Modeled closely after the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and the Screen Actors Guild, the MMAFA will be led and directed by its members and their elected member representatives. The MMAFA aims to maximize the influence and earning capacity of its members in the sport of mixed martial arts.The trademarks, logos, website, domains, and all other property of the MMAFA will be held in trust for the collective benefit of MMAFA members.

Follow the MMAFA on twitter @mmafa,, visit our website at, and sign our petition here:

The MMAFA’s mission statement is set forth below:


(a) To bring together in this organization, regardless of race, creed, color or nationality, all competitive mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers.

(b) To establish improvements in the economic, physical and security conditions of employment for mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers.

(c) To provide information and assistance to mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers and engage in activities to advance and safeguard their welfare.

(d) To establish, conduct, and maintain such educational, recreational, social and charitable enterprises as may assist in the advancement of the Association and it Members.

(e) To develop such projects and enterprises which will bring further benefits and revenues to Members as individuals or to the Association as an entity.

(f) To promote and foster the best interest of mixed martial arts.

(g) To take all steps and actions, consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association, to implement and carry out the objects, rights, activities and responsibilities of this organization.

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