Northeast TN DSA

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Northeast TN DSA

Support Northeast TN Democratic Socialists of America's projects AND get to wear this cool rose-offering possum. Every shirt purchase donates $5 to Northeast TN DSA.

Our latest project is a brake light repair clinic, a community service event where volunteers fix brake lights for free! Broken brake lights are often used as a pretext for the police to target people & pull them over—and pull them into the criminal justice system. Free brake light repairs are a way of offering protection to community members by reducing the possibility of police interaction. It also helps low-income households avoid the burden of fines.

We're planning to hold our first brake light repair event in the second half of October. Your donation will help us purchase the necessary supplies—taillight bulbs, red translucent tape, and food & beverages for people while they wait—as well as cover the cost of flyers to promote the event.

(Northeast TN DSA is an organizing committee working toward achieving charter as an official chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America.)

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