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One Clothing Unify exists to support International Children's Month and it's yearly platforms to bring peace and harmony to the world for the sake of all children. We work with organizations, teams, and unifiers to offer new products that help make this world a better place. Offering you FOR CAUSE Clothing that loves.

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One Clothing Unify was created by Co founder/Director of International Children's Month, Heidi Little, in support of the yearly, free, thematic, online platform and activities of ICM.

The companies new CEO's are 10 year old Hanna Marie Little-Neuhaus, and 23 year old Kian Brad Little-Cann. Together they hold the space for the concept, and the goals of transforming world hunger by sending out free seed to children across the planet. Along with the amazing and beautiful free activity hub of International Children's Heidi Little still works for One Clothing Unify and is happily fostering the growth of International Children's Month project SEEDS OF LOVE, GARDENS FOR HOPE, sending NON GMO seed out to grow and cultivate, and then to share amongst family and friends, thus forever transforming the hunger cycle.



We are happy to be working with REPRESENT, and we thank you for your purchase today. This platform allows us to order and print one at a time, so as not to waste money, product, or overhead. When enough One t's have been distributed we will put up a ONE swap shop, and won't print anymore until necessary. Hashtag #oneloverising #icmloveearth #earthguardians #bethemedicine Visit for more info, for the awesome alternative education platforms, and amp up on self , family, community and global love. We are the change we wish to see. ONE family. One world. One for love.

IN Gratitude the ICM Team and One Clothing Unify, Heidi, Kian, Hanna, Bob, Shannon, David and you :)