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Dunc Surf

Founded in January 2019 by Duncan Surf and Johnny Mendez, Dunc Surf has already become one of Simi’s hottest destinations for deals on skate and surf gear. Wetsuits, boards, sunglasses, shoes, surfboards, wetsuits and much much more. And wheels. Dunc surf is where it’s at


Why did you start Dunc Surf?

Duncan: Cuz I worked at my Dad’s skate/surf shop and he was pissing me off so I was like might as well just start my own shop.

Johnny: Yeah Duncan was trippin hard about his breakup from Tessa so I was all like, why don’t you start your own surf/skate shop but like without your dad and he was like dude, that’s the fucking move.

How did you come up with the name?

Duncan: it’s pretty much my name.

Johnny: What we did was we took the Dunc from Duncan and the Surf from Duncan’s last name

What sets Dunc Surf apart from other skate/surf shops?

Duncan: It’s taght

Johnny: The deals are high key steeze