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Refugee Awareness

Emergency Response Centre International

Emergency Response Centre International is a Greek non-profit organization that provides emergency response and humanitarian aid in times of crisis.

ERCI’s philosophy is to identify the gaps of humanitarian aid and step in to assist in the most efficient and impactful manner. Currently ERCI has 3 active programs working with refugees in Greece in the areas of Search and Rescue, Education and Refugee Camp Coordination.

SEARCH AND RESCUE: ERCI has been operating on the island of Lesvos since 2015 assisting with the large flow of incoming refugees by providing Search and Rescue operations both offshore and ashore, helping more than 45,000 refugees reach safety to date, preventing many casualties in Aegean’s perilous waters.

EDUCATION: ERCIedu is an educational project that aims to support youth in refugee camps and shelter through innovative curriculum that provides them with the necessary life skills, incentives and language learning to prepare them for their next transition in life and social integration.

CAMP COORDINATION: ERCIsms aims to provide and maintain a secure environment for displaced populations.It includes the set up, coordination and management of sites and existing facilities for temporary to long-term stay of newly arrived refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

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