Rooted in Rights: Authentic Disability Stories

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Rooted in Rights: Authentic Disability Stories

Nothing about us, without us.

We produce fully accessible, short-form advocacy videos, writing, and social media campaigns that amplify the diverse stories of the disability community. Too often we aren’t in control of the stories told about us and we want to change that. We’re taking our narrative back and empowering others in our community to do the same.

Where's your support going?

The Storytellers Series

With your support, the Storytellers Series can thrive! Additional funding would allow us to:

Increase our inventory of accessible video equipmentIncluding devices with a variety of screen sizes and weights (iPad, iPod touch), wheelchair-mounted gimbals for stabilization, different types of equipment bags, and more.

Host more workshops for youth with disabilitiesRooted in Rights partners with organizations to offer storytelling workshops to youth with disabilities. Each training is customized but typically provides a basic overview of disability rights activism and how to get started with creative media. We have hosted storytelling workshops for organizations like DO-IT, YES II, and the Washington Council for the Blind. Your contribution could fund Storytelling Kits specifically for these trainings, Braille handouts, audio recorders, and other accessible equipment.

The Rooted in Rights Blog

It’s important to us to amplify the voices of people with disabilities, and to pay them for their work. Your support helps us to continue to pay stipends to disabled writers we feature on the Rooted in Rights blog.

Rooted in Rights Originals

Rooted in Rights has our creative services program, in which organizations hire us to create videos, but did you know that our own team pitches ideas too? Your support allows us to create more Rooted in Rights Originals like People With Mental Health Disabilities Shut Down Dangerous Ideas About Gun Violence and #DisabilityToo.

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