Save basic rights 4 justice

remember of universal human rights not enough named and too often flouted by those who want to erase this right from the charter of human rights and citizen. Save our children, save us from intolerance and violence. Explain around you to not sink this fondamental right into oblivion. Our lives depend on. Stay in peace.

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Save Article 18 universal Human Right Charter and apostasy right

If we look for what happens in Irak we see a violent event (called, as several centuries before, "crime of honor") concerning stoning of Doaa Khalil Assouad that made Al Qaeda in Irak very mad.

So in addition to economic or climate change reasons, blast of violence comes from no respect of apostasy inalienable right.

Too much civilizations refuse this basic right universal law admits to create condition of peace and freedom for each others.

It's priority to remember tolerance is the most essential thing to live all together, and it's not something vested for ancient tribes isolated in its believes and habits.

Please, share to your nears, friends and family. Educate your children to this universal right too often laughed or flouted.

Made this your new request or prayer.

Please forward.

update : on 25 december 2016 new affair concerning crime of honour on young student of 22 years old in Kurdistan Sarwin Nobadar in in the town of Mergasor in Erbil Province

new video to remember what happens to yezidis in Sinjar after Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS) or Islamic State in Iraq & Levant (EIL)