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Soul Semantics Store
Soul Semantics

Sometimes you just
need to laugh !

Welcome to my personal store ! I created these pieces each because I see so much Irony in the spoken word. I am crazy and have this crazy ability to take a word out of context and twist it into some form of Semanitcs. I love a good laugh and the huamn mind works in funny ways. That is no joke! See you get the picture!

I am a Psychic Medium and, Spiritual healer. I am the creator of these designs. The idea came to me because of the funny, and inspired thoughts I have. I have a tendency to blurt them out! Funny how things come to me in quiet contemplation during a group meditation. { hmmmm a poet too?} My mantra tends to be " shhh use your mouth filter ", as I wanted to bust out in laughter! Who wants their friendly Psychic telling shouting out to get off their Aura? I don't, but I can wear a shirt that does. I can wear a shirt and get away with saying anything with out opening my mouth! We can so a lot of funny shift on a shirt. No mouth filter needed. { Idea for a new shirt?} No-one the written word on shirts seriously like they do in a funny text. Why is that? I decided to take advantage and spread some laughter and joy with out stepping on someones Aura ! We don't want to get on peoples Nirvana. Besides I hate texting, auto correct sucks!

No matter where you are on your path, be it a spiritual path, or universal, we think we must try to be POSITIVE all the time. Sometimes Shift happens! When it does, it sure gets on your Nirvana. Those difficult situations we encounter in our human experience, on our path to "righteousness ". It seems the exact polarity of our freewill hurdles over us it before we know it.
{not always free}
Soul Semantics is all about the polarity of hilarity of life. It is about how we can take our life path and ourselves too seriously. There is no Zen in that. Now they don't call him the "Laughing Buddha" for nothing ! Now lets kick off our sandals go have some fun, because mediating isn't!