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Southern Sass was founded on the belief that sometimes the best way to handle a “controversial” subject is through a little sarcasm, a touch of humor and a splash of sass! I believe that all humans deserve a little respect, and that all are created in their own unique form. Southern Sass celebrates that diversity and longs for the day when all will be accepted exactly as they are.

Being disabled and unable to work myself, I desire to use my creativity to help provide for my family, while at the same time longing to give back to my community, and that is why a portion of all profits from the site will be donated to a community based charity or organization. So, your purchase does not only get you a shirt to express your inner sass, but it also goes to help those who may be neglected or chastised in our communities.

Finally, the Sass designs are meant in fun, but there may be one or two that some may be offensive. If you find yourself offended by one of the designs, well, “Bless Your Heart!”

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