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About The Cause

The Star Individuality Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of presenting the upcoming generation with the support they need to find their true selves. Our one goal is to be there to provide the support you need while going through the journey of finding yourself.

The confusion of not knowing who you are affects nearly everyone in our upcoming generation. We are aware this, and we are here to help this is why we provide both financial and emotional support. We understand it is a long, hard, and confusing journey, but that's why we are here to carry some of that weight on you with you while you are going through this challenging yet liberating journey knowing that once you find yourself, all of the work was worth it.

We believe in YOU. We believe that you deserve to be YOURSELF and NO one else.
We believe in YOUR right to live a life where you take pride in who you are.