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Street Outfitters is a street wear project that is completely ran by one aspiring artist. Temporarily using REPRESENT as a platform to get my point across. All clothing items represent any emotional trauma, or feelings. You will see vulgar, and sometimes "family friendly" clothing on my shop.

I started this clothing brand as a statement. Originally, it was to admit that 'yes, I am troubling at times, and don't keep up, but I definitely am not useless.' However, it was flourished into a major idea. The original statement was a small conversation between a good friend of mine in my Sophomore year of High School, and like I said, due to that friend, it has flourished into something great.

You will understand who I am as a person, once my collections release which will be inevitably soon. I am an open book in the form of creation, and a closed book in the form of communication.


Eventually I will be hiring people for modeling purposes, and as this happens, most models will be able to acquire a free product, and stickers of my brand.

Although, I'll occasionally be doing give aways to the top buyers. In order to be involved in free giveaways, or even coupon giveaways, you have to purchase at least 5 items every new collection, and respond to my emails when I address that you have received a possible free giveaway.

You will get one shirt, hat, and stickers.
Eventually I will have a patreon that will have larger giveaways. that is if you would rather have more than three items.
I'll have three goals, if you donate 10, you will receive 5 items of your choice (email me the items of choice) if you donate 15, you will have 8 items of choice, and if you donate 20, you will have 12 items of choice. These items can be of old collections, new collections, or products not involved in a collection.


Since I currently use REPRESENT for my clothing, the refund and return policy is completely up to them, however, from what I know of... You can get a "refund/return" on a product. The only difference is the refund/return (as I said, from what I know of) is the same printed product but "fixed" if it's missing a print, or they gave you the wrong size they will send you a brand new one, without asking you to return the actual shirt. (You don't pay extra.)

Anyway, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me. I'll link my patreon in this about page, and will email those who have signed up with the link.

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