Unto Ages of Ages - First Issue

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Unto Ages of Ages - First Issue Store
Unto Ages of Ages - First Issue

Ancient Christian Aesthetics

One thing that draws many to Christianity are the icons and the aesthetics that are integrated into the massive cathedrals seen across the world from East to West. From the small beginnings of the Church in Jerusalem based on the teachings and the Way of the Lord Jesus Christ it travelled into Antioch, where they first called themselves Christians, and later to Ethiopia, Egypt, Rome, the British Isles, Russia etc.; becoming an expansive influence unseen on this Earth before. The sacrifices of the Martyrs, the lives of the Saints, the struggles of the everyday Christian to live according to the principles set in the Church of Christ.

We here at Unto Ages of Ages wish to restore both glory and respect for the average Christian man or woman by creating a clothing brand that reflects positive traditional Christian values with the aesthetics of the Ancient Church in modern clothing. We are not providing anything other than clothes meant to reflect our ideals in a modest and modern fashion that Christians can be proud to wear without feeling they’re doing a disservice to the Lord. Recently we have reached an age where the teachings of Christ have become malformed and misused by many political and religious movements. We see the image of Christ being completely commercialized to such a point it seems often cheap and just a marketing campaign. Many companies and individuals do not reflect the virtues of Christ in their attempts to sell ‘Christian’ wear, with often extremely cheesy or strange ideas being integrated into Christian imagery, even if they are well meaning. You will not find this in the art of the Early Church. Walking into an Eastern Orthodox Church today contains this ancient and sacred art in the form of icons, that so many other Christian no longer have experienced. This is a place where one is surrounded by the saints in heavenly hues and can hear ancient liturgies that were aptly described by St. Vladimir’s representatives attending the Divine Liturgy in the old Hagia Sophia: _“We did not know whether we were on heaven or on earth.”_

We wish to capture that imagery here and although we are nothing much than a humble start up now, hopefully we can expand a variety of clothing that contains imagery from the Church and Saints, new and old, to remind us of struggle and give us hope in Our Lord, unto ages of ages.