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WMU College Dems

College Democrats
@ Western Michigan University

We are the College Democrats at Western Michigan University. This year, we were not only disappointed in the election results, we were downright outraged. This is not what America is about, this is not who we are. Thankfully, most Americans agree with us, and voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic candidate, yet we're still here stuck with a racist, xenophobic, thin-skinned bully as our president-elect.

But we are not going to take this sitting down, we are going to fight back. We can't hide away (or move to Canada) for the next four years and wait for this to be over, we have to keep fighting for those who need it the most. Too many people's lives are at risk for us to sit this one out.

We were and are immensely proud that Kalamazoo County was a bright blue spot in a sea of red this year, it shows just what values this community hold strong; respect, love, tolerance, and equality. But now we need to spread that message to make sure we never find ourselves in this disastrous situation again.

Every shirt or sweatshirt you buy not only helps us have the resources we need to keep up this fight, but it helps those around you know that you are not accepting the hateful rhetoric that this election cycle has brought to the surface of our society. We need all the help we can get, because we really are stronger together.

Let's do this.

WMU College Dems